Kiteboarding the 520 Slick in Cocoa Beach, FL
Kiteboarding Cocoa Beach's 520 Slick

520 Boat Ramp (a.k.a. 520 Slick):

The real name of this park is Bicentenial Memorial. It is on the Banana River on the South side of the 520 causeway right by the "Welcom to Cocoa Beach" sign. The park is across the road from the Cape Canaveral hospital. People normally setup and walk through an opening just west of the public boat ramp. PLEASE LAUNCH FROM THE WATER AND PARK IN PARKING SPOTS PROVIDED AT THE BOAT RAMP!! Cocoa Beach Parking Enforcement does ticket vehicles parked in the grass. A North wind here is straight off-shore which creates an amazing glassy slick. This is one of Cocoa Beach's most popular riding spots. This area should not be ridden on any wind that blows toward the 520 Causeway due to heavy traffic and high speed vehicles. The water is shallow as far as you can see except for the boat channel which is marked with large wood poles and signs. The bottom is sand/muck and most people prefer to wear booties. Some sharp objects are scattered throughout the bottom. There are tons of dolphins and manatees in this area.

PRECAUTIONS: Advanced level riding ONLY without boat or instructor assistance. This spot has a very technical launch blocked by mangroves. Do not ride this spot if the wind is blowing toward the causeway from the south! An accident can easily result in injury, a dealdy car crash or closure of the spot. LAUNCH FROM THE WATER. Foot protection is recommended if planning on walking around for a while.

Wind Directions: Good from anything with N, NNW, NW to W wind component.

Kiteboarding Businesses in the area:

Good Breeze Kiteboarding/Ron Jon Kiteboarding

Good Breeze Kiteboarding has teamed up with Ron Jon Surf School to offer safe, certified lessons with boat support in flat shallow water. Equipment is available in the Ron Jon Surf School located in Cocoa Beach just north of main Ron Jon Surf Shop right off of the 520 causeway and A1A. The building is next to 7-11. It is a bright blue and  yellow building.

160 E. Cocoa Beach Cswy
Cocoa Beach, FL 32931


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