Kiteboarding the 520 Slick in Cocoa Beach, FL
Kiteboarding North Florida

Information on Kiteboarding North Florida -Northeast Florida has some excellent Kiteboarding spots offering flat water and waves. The climate of the area is mild with seasonal changes. The average annual temperature is around 68 and 69 degrees. The water and air temperature can get a little chilly in the Winter as the cold fronts move over the state. These cold fronts usually bring strong Northerly winds and large waves. Most people wear a full wetsuits in these months. The springs and summers are full of warm Southeast winds and afternoon seabreezes. There are great Kiteboarding launch areas for every wind direction. Some of the beaches can get crowded during the summer (especially on the weekends) due to the warm weather and large open beaches. There are a lot of surfers throughout North Florida. Always make sure to keep your distance from swimmers and surfers. Ride safely and have fun!

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