Kiteboarding the 520 Slick in Cocoa Beach, FL
Kiteboarding 13th St- Pompano, FL
Information for 13th St in Pompano, FL:
Conditions: Advanced riders only! This area has undergo a constant battle to remain open for the Kiteboarding Community. There was No Kiteboarding allowed in Pompano Beach for a while. The locals have been fighting really hard to maintain access in these spots so BE RESPECTFUL AND RIDE SAFELY in this area.  You are only allowed to kitesurf at Northeast 13th St and Northeast 16th St within the city limits. YOU MUST RIDE OUTSIDE THE BUOYS!! This is one of the few places there is a specific ordinance in place against Kiteboarding. It is posted below and has an amendment specifying the requirement to operate outside the buoys. They will ticket you (or the locals will pop your kite) if you do not abide by the rules and regulations.

Wind Directions: North- side shore, Northeast-side on, East- on shore, Southeast-side on, South-side shore

PRECAUTIONS: This area can get very crowded! Do not kite around people! Do not kiteboard in west winds.  This includes (NNW, NW, W, SW, SSW). STAY OUTSIDE THE BUOYS! If you cannot ride upwind, then go somewhere else!

Kiteboarding Businesses in the area:
South Florida Kiteboarding
Stefan Pantu, Manager
(954) 927-7002

East Coast Kiteboarding
Phone: 954-295-5778

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